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Feature Scripts


The Pity Party



Kd Amond & Lulu Marcil



Genre:   Buddy Comedy, Sex Comedy, Female-Driven Comedy


Logline:  When the marketing executive of an adult toy line walks in on her own surprise bridal party with news of her cancelled engagement, her oddball friends take matters into their own hands  by dragging her away on a pre-paid bachelorette vacation to distract her from her worst fear: starting over…(and sharks).


Tagline:   Just because the wedding’s off, doesn't mean the party’s over.


References: Bridesmaids, The Heat


What's been said? 


Blacklist Review:


"The female friendships and the rapport that exists between the different women are what really make this script a delight to read. Part BRIDESMAIDS, part FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL, and part HOW STELLA GOT HER GROOVE BACK, it has everything you could want out of a female driven romantic comedy without feeling dated or forced. There are some very cathartic moments, such as Jess losing it on Ben which is practically cheer-worthy, as well as the fight that breaks out when each friend air grievances about another. It's very raw and tough to hear, but definitely upholds the adage that those you love can hurt you the most. It's also very realistic, given how much time they've been spending together and will hit home for anyone who has ever traveled with friends. The physical comedy is hysterical: from Louise getting stuck in the hammock to the oddly sexual volcano to Daniel sweeping Louise off her feet, concerned that the baby will "fall out." Overall, it's a great representation of women helping their friend get back on her feet, without jealousy or cattiness, and instead with a healthy dose of legitimate opinions and feelings."


"The strongest part of the script is its bold and unapologetic sense of humor, which gives the script a distinctive tone. The dialogue has a number of witty lines that are both humorous and full of character (ex.  "'I’m telling you Daniel’s banana pancakes taste what baby angels must taste like.' … 'Like their meat?' … 'Yes. Like the veal of angels.'"). The action also incorporates a lot of visual humor and slapstick comedy that compliments the story."


















What Would Dolly Do?



Kd Amond & Lulu Marcil




Genre:   Dramedy, Road Movie, Buddy Comedy, Country Music


Logline:  A trio of female country music singers find themselves on tour and on the run from the law after committing a crime of passion, which just so happens to be a great recipe for songwriting.


Tagline:  Lipstick, Pistols and Three-part Harmony.


References: Thelma and Louise, Almost Famous, The Blues Brothers, Coal Miner's Daughter



What's been said? 


Austin Film Festival Coverage:  


"The underdog story following several strong female leads as they risk their livelihoods to follow their dreams to Nashville to play the gig of a lifetime is a very entertaining framework. The writers do a fantastic job of presenting a core group of very likable and colorful female characters that exhibit strength, independence, humor and talent. Additionally, the writers showcase a strong understanding of this country music world."

"In addition to a strong central story of aspiring country singers/musicians pursuing their dreams in hopes of turning their passion into a career, the looming threat of an impeding police investigation which could target them for murder adds a compelling twist to their adventures on the road and directly threatens their ability to make it to this dream performance. Excellent overall setup for an entertaining and raunchy comedy with heart."


"Very good dialogue that captures the country dialect very authentically and gives each woman a distinct personality. In particular, the writers do a very good job of interweaving country music related song lyrics and characters into the situations encountered by the women. From cheating men to killing boyfriends to burning down houses, the action and story essentially plays out like a country song; this is one of the smartest and strongest aspects of the script."


"The writers also do a very good job of pushing the envelope with some of the raunchy humor, yet not relying on it as a cheap crutch for over-the- top gags and jokes. Very well done in this regard, as many writers often rely on these gags as vehicles in and of themselves rather than allowing them to organically occur as part of the story."



Screencraft Coverage:


"What Would Dolly Do? is a fun and marketable concept. Written with humor, heart and adventure, this story stands out and comes with a built-in soundtrack. Country music (and even shows about country artists) are currently particularly popular, and this script can prove to be a great contender to represent the genre on the big screen."


"Aside from the catchy concept and title, what seals the deal in this script are the characters. The three principals are all driven, witty, relatable and unique. The dynamic between them is also a major draw. The writes clearly know how to balance the melodrama these women are up against by interjecting humor and raw emotion throughout their journey. Also,while there are romances in the script, the real love story is that between these three friends. This is a refreshing concept and something the authors write well."


"Another feat in the script is the dialogue. There are many quotable moments, funny quips, and memorable one-liners. The script is brilliant in more ways than one, and the writing style and originality make it a standout."

Spew (also known as the Citizen Cane of puke films)



Kd Amond & Rion Harris



Genre:   Body Horror, Horror, Female Driven Dark Comedy


Logline:  A young model growing up in the shadow of her famous mother, succumbs to the pressures of the business and willingly ingests a tapeworm which soon results in not only a loss of weight but the loss of her own sanity.


Tagline:  She’s hungry for success!


References: Cabin in the Woods, Feast, The Fly, Videodrome


What's been said?



" This is a wickedly funny take body image. The writers have a dialogue like nothing else. This one of the most original concepts for a horror film I've read. "






North Hog Branch



Kd Amond & Lulu Marcil


Genre:   Thriller, Eco-Horror


Logline:  After escaping a back-woods family, a young mother must return to her captors, against the advice of authorities, to rescue her infant son.


Tagline:  Family First


References: The Hills Have Eyes, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Erin Brochovich












Trivia Kings: Bob’s Pearls of Wisdom 



Kd Amond & Lulu Marcil


Genre: Comedy, Buddy Comedy


Logline: After the mob threatens to close their favorite bar, a trivia team of quirky best friends enters a national trivia competition to win the grand prize money to save the bar they call home; too bad the mafia has other plans.


Tagline: There’s no such thing as useless knowledge.


References: The Hangover, The League, Dodgeball







Scripted Series










Bayou Talent



Kd Amond & Lulu Marcil



Genre:   Comedy, Office Comedy, Ensemble Comedy, Female-Driven


Length of Show: 22-30 min


Logline:  Two young women, take on untalented local nut-jobs, unreliable roommates, and undesirable side jobs in an effort to make their small business, Bayou Talent, the biggest and best casting agency in Hollywood South.


Tagline:  Hard times living in the Big Easy


References: Parks and Recreation, Girls, The Office













The Family



Kd Amond 


Genre:   Southern Gothic Thriller, Psychological Thriller


Length of Show: 45-60min


Logline:  Two teenagers, Grace and her brother Aaron must learn to adapt to society outside the confines of the religious cult in which they’ve been raised, with the help of a Southern recluse, meanwhile, the perverse practices of the cult are exposed through their relentless pursuit of the two teens.


Tagline:  You will listen …and learn.


References: The Killing, True Dectective










The Silver Scream



Kd Amond, Alex Aaron and Ben Matheny



Genre:   Horror, Comedy


Length of Show: 22-30min


Logline:  An episodic anthology of horror shorts framed by a dark comedy about a bitter film critic trapped in Hell's cinema with a zany demon named Dennis.


Tagline:  Getting tickets to Hell's movie theater comes at a high price... but it's a real scream!


References: Tales from the Crypt, Are You Afraid of the Dark? Black Mirror, The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, Outer Limits













What Would Dolly Do?



Kd Amond & Lulu Marcil


Yes...we took it a step further...we just couldn't stop writing for these characters.



Genre: Drama, Dark Comedy, Southern Gothic, Music


Length of Show: 45-60 min


References: Friday Night Lights (only replace football with country music), Parenthood, Nashville, Girls


Tag Line: “Lipstick, Pistols, and three-Part Harmony”


Log Line: A trio of Kentucky-born female country music singers find themselves on tour and on the lam after committing a crime of passion, which just so happens to be a great recipe for songwriting.