Sizzle Reels

Operation Song: A docu-series where host, country music songwriter Wynn Varble takes us on a journey where wounded warriors find healing through the power of song.
Co-created with Brad Bohannan, Lulu Marcil, and Operation Song
Operation Song is an organization formed by songwriter Bob Regan. Please visit this link for more information:
Spirits on Bourbon - Meet the owners and employees of the craziest bar on Bourbon St. 
Co-created with Brad Bohannan and Lulu Marcil
Dancing with the Seelings: Meet Ric Seeling and his family as they teach Baton Rouge to dance.
Co-created with Andrew Bryan
Skin Deep - Meet Dr. Z and her husband Dr. Massengale. Together they're the South's top dermatologists, but they couldn't be more different!
Co-created with Lulu Marcil